Old School Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Businesses and Families
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Old School Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Businesses and Families

Keeping your home or business clean can be challenging, but over the years of keeping a shop clean and cleaning my house, I have learned a lot about cleaning. I've learned how to clean in order to impress clients, and I've learned how to keep my house clean in spite of children bringing in dirt and mess all the time. I love to write so decided to start this blog. Here, I am going to share a range of cleaning tips with an emphasis on the "old school", homemade or natural tips. However, sometimes, truthfully, you need chemicals and professionals so I will also delve into those topics. Thanks for reading and good luck with cleaning.


Old School Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Businesses and Families

  • Exiting a Rental Property - Cleaning Checklist

    17 December 2015

    If you're moving out of a rental property and don't like the sound of losing your bond, you need to ensure you left the home in exactly the same state (if not better) that you found it in. It is therefore important that you remember to clean everything in the house. You'll be surprised how many owners forget the simple things in the crazy rush of trying to pack and move.

  • A Quick List of Often Overlooked Areas When Cleaning a Medical Facility

    17 November 2015

    When you're in charge of a medical facility, you need to ensure that you keep it cleaned and well-maintained. This is so you avoid fines and penalties from your local municipalities but also to ensure the health and safety of your patients and staff. Hiring an outside company that specializes in such cleaning like Delron Carpet Cleaning Service can be a good choice, but you might also want to make up your own checklist for cleaning in between their visits.

  • Useful method on how to remove red wine stains from your carpet

    10 November 2015

    You may be having a social gathering or party where there are many people drinking wine or you may be on your own, unwinding after a long day at work with a glass of red wine in your hand. Either way, spillages can and will happen; it's only a matter of time. People can accidentally knock over glasses or perhaps get bumped into, resulting in the wine tipping out of the glass.

  • Carpet Cleaning | 3 Simple Homemade Tricks To Free Your Carpets From Pet Hair

    29 October 2015

    You probably love the idea of curling up with your pet on the floor as you watch your favourite television show. But while furry pets are marvelous to snuggle with, the possibility of fur getting embedded in your carpets is inevitable. While regular vacuuming is necessary for carpet cleaning, deeply entrenched pet fur is a lot harder to remove. Here are some simple homemade tricks to help you free your carpets from pet hair.

  • Benefits of Enlisting Professional Window Cleaning Services

    27 October 2015

    Homeowners can concur that window cleaning is an arduous task. However, this is a necessary evil, as the benefits cannot be ignored. You  may not like to sacrifice your downtime to this labour intensive task and, as such, you find that grime and dirt keep accumulating on your windows. Instead of leaving this grime to accumulate undeterred, you could consider professional cleaning services. Here are some of the benefits of enlisting professional cleaning services.