Old School Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Businesses and Families
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Old School Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Businesses and Families

Keeping your home or business clean can be challenging, but over the years of keeping a shop clean and cleaning my house, I have learned a lot about cleaning. I've learned how to clean in order to impress clients, and I've learned how to keep my house clean in spite of children bringing in dirt and mess all the time. I love to write so decided to start this blog. Here, I am going to share a range of cleaning tips with an emphasis on the "old school", homemade or natural tips. However, sometimes, truthfully, you need chemicals and professionals so I will also delve into those topics. Thanks for reading and good luck with cleaning.


Old School Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Businesses and Families

How to select the best commercial cleaning service

Marta Vicente

At the end of the normal work day, you probably do not have the time or the energy to clean up after yourself. In the morning, however, you do expect your office to be spick and span, all surfaces dusted, the carpet vacuumed and the waste bin emptied.

If you do not have the time or energy in your schedule to do this, the next logical thing would be to hire outside help to clean up for you. There are many such commercial cleaning services in Australia, and therefore, the process of weeding out the bad from the good can be quite cumbersome.

Here are a few boxes that the aspiring company has to tick off before being considered for the post.

The company's reputation

When you embark on the search for a company offering cleaning services, you would want one that has been there and done that. The ideal company must have worked with other clients and subsequently did excellent work for those clients. When the company has a good reputation, this means that it was engaged multiple times due to the good quality of its work that yielded good results according to the client.

Accreditation of the company also points to its reputation. One should look for a company that has been given excellent accreditation from a reputable institute or establishment in the cleaning service field. The accreditation is a testament of the quality of the company's work. In Australia, apart from having a license to operate in commercial spaces, cleaning service companies must have accreditation from Quality Assurance, Risk Management, and Occupational Health and Safety Systems.

Types of services offered

Before you go ahead and hire a company to take care of your cleaning, you should take into account the kinds of services that they offer. You could end up hiring a company that does excellent work with carpets but whose quality is lacking when it comes to the sofa in the break room.

The price quoted for the service should also be indicative of the scope of work that the company promises to offer. There should be a balance struck between the price quoted by the company and the services offered.

Hiring policy of the company

Before you settle on the company to clean your premises, you should check to see how it handles its hiring practice. Do they look at the criminal background of their employees? This is important because these very employees are going to be roaming about on your premises after hours, surrounded by hordes of your sensitive information.

The company should also train its employees so that you are sure that they are qualified to do the service that you are hiring them to do.