Old School Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Businesses and Families
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Old School Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Businesses and Families

Keeping your home or business clean can be challenging, but over the years of keeping a shop clean and cleaning my house, I have learned a lot about cleaning. I've learned how to clean in order to impress clients, and I've learned how to keep my house clean in spite of children bringing in dirt and mess all the time. I love to write so decided to start this blog. Here, I am going to share a range of cleaning tips with an emphasis on the "old school", homemade or natural tips. However, sometimes, truthfully, you need chemicals and professionals so I will also delve into those topics. Thanks for reading and good luck with cleaning.


Old School Cleaning Tips and Ideas for Businesses and Families

  • Should You Remove Your Own Asbestos? Five Questions to Help You Assess the Sitution

    13 October 2015

    If you have asbestos in your home, it is legal, in most cases, for you to remove it yourself. However, the practice can still be risky. Before you begin to remove your own asbestos, guide yourself through these five questions. They can help you determine if self removal is the best option for you: 1. Is the asbestos intact? In many cases, asbestos lurks in old flooring or insulation. If the asbestos-containing item is intact, it basically holds the asbestos fibres in, and you don't have to remove it.

  • Benefits of Professional Pressure Washing Services

    8 October 2015

    One of the biggest investments that you can make is purchasing a home. As such, it would be in your best interests to keep it in the best condition possible. This could be for the simple reason of maintaining the glory of your investment or enhancing its curb appeal in the event that you put it on the market later on. No matter the reasons, your cleaning methods should not make the quality of your home deteriorate.

  • Reasons to Enlist Office Cleaning Services

    5 October 2015

    Employers and employees typically spend more time in their office environment than they do in their own homes. As such, it is pertinent to ensure that this environment is not only safe but also boosts productivity so as to make the most of that time. One of the ways of doing this is through professional office cleaning services. Office cleaning may seem like a menial task. However, if you are tasked to do it on a daily basis, you will notice than not only can it be arduous, but it also takes away from your own work time.